ClockWork Live Wallpaper 2.1.4


Live Wallpaper depicting an analog clock and a system of rotating gears.

Live Wallpaper depicting an analog clock and a randomly generated system of rotating gears.

*** HOW TO OPEN ***
Homescreen > Menu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers

As with all live wallpapers this will not open from the market screen. This does not mean it is improperly installed! Simple navigate to the wallpaper settings as described above and select ClockWork. From there you can tweak settings and apply the wallpaper. Read the included instructions (on the settings page) for a full explanation of available features.

- Interactive. Will respond to screen swiping as well as device orientation changes. Tilting the device will affect scene lighting (on capable hardware).

- Highly customizable. Adjust color scheme and clock appearance. Choose from multiple clock face, backing and hands types. Choose swinging or torsion pendulum. Turn off the clock entirely for a more mechanical look. There are also settings to tweak performance and visuals for device capabilities and battery consumption.

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